Do fish have feelings?

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Last night we went out with Nelson’s family to celebrate his father’s birthday. It was especially nice to see his dad as animated as usual. We had dinner at one of the family’s familiar haunts – a Chinese restaurant close to their home. The food is consistently good and the service is friendly, probably because Nelson’s parents have become friendly with this one particular waitress. But this particular evening, something “fishy” going on…

Most Chinese restaurants have a tank of fish and/or lobster and if you order one of these dishes, you can choose your fish. We found a dead fish in one corner of the tank. All the other fish basically stayed on the other side of the tank, staring at the dead one. I could not figure out if the others were scared or disgusted or confused, but something was clearly going on through their little brains to make them stay so still on the other side.

Live fish vs dead fish

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