Grilling season has arrived

Perfectly grilled steaks

Last week the weather was beautiful so we tentatively removed the cover from our barbecue. We were tentative because last fall, Nelson noticed a couple of our end-of-season cherry tomatoes on our grill, with mouse droppings. This clearly disturbed Nelson and sprung him into major-cleaning/disinfecting action. As I was clearing and cleaning our deck of our summer harvest, Nelson was hosing down the barbecue. I don’t think the mouse ever came back as the food source had been eliminated and we heard that our neighbours had a mouse problem so I’m guessing it just moved indoors to stay warm (thankfully not into our house).

So it was a great relief that there were no signs of mice in our barbecue last week for our first grill of the season. Loblaws had a sale and we got both of these steaks for $11 – what a steal! To our mum’s, don’t worry, we don’t grill steak that often as we know it’s not the healthiest meat.

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