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It’s a beautiful day so I’ve decided to take advantage of the partially shaded deck and sit outside before the sun shifts and our deck is directly under it, turning our deck into a hot-plate. The tomato plants love the deck, as do our peppers, but as I get older, I prefer a little bit of shade and a slight breeze.

Our deck felt much larger over the last couple of months. Nelson had to tear down our privacy wall as it was on the verge of blowing apart so without the fence, our two decks looked like one long one. When we finally found a guy that was willing to rebuild it for us, it only caused our neighbour more stress as he kept canceling, but alas, he finally came recently and we are divided once again. The problem with our previous fence was that the screws used were not long enough – they were about 3″ screws. The guy that put up our new fence used 6″ screws and just by looking at the design, I think and hope this one will stay up.

Our tomato plants have been doing really well so far, unlike last year. Last summer was very wet so our plants turned yellow and didn’t produce an abundant crop like we were used to. This year’s crop looks promising. We have flowering stems that hold 25 potential tomatoes! The plants we bought for my in-laws are also looking very strong and healthy and I am curious to see how they turn out as this year, Nelson’s mom wanted to try the grape tomato variety. We have stuck to the sweet 100s (cherry tomatoes). We have been purchasing our plants from Plant World for the last few years. My peppers are from Home Depot, though this year was a bit of a disappointment as they only carried red and green peppers. Last year I had a wonderful crop of orange and yellow peppers.

The sun is getting close (I’m losing shade) so I guess this is it for now. Have a wonderful day everyone!

  • admin
    July 5, 2010

    @Dad: Our fence is vinyl (the slats) and metal (the posts) and the side is secured to the house (brick). I can’t really get any more technical than that since I don’t know much about installing fences. I’ve posted a picture of our fence above. I’m pretty sure the guy that installed the fence knew what he was doing, but thanks for sharing such great information!

  • Dad
    July 5, 2010

    Hope your fence is secured properly. There are many factors to consider in selecting the proper fasteners for your project. The material of the fence and what it is fasten to is inportant; if the fence is metal secured to brick then use 3 inches (plus thickness of fence end support) metal screws with plastic or lead inserts @ 16 inches apart. if the fence is wood secured to brick then use 3 inches (plus thickness of fence end support) metal screws with plastic or lead inserts @ 16 inches apart. The screw inserts drilled into the brick motar joints. Brick depth is generally 3 1/2 inches deep no sense in having a longer screw longer than the brick. Let me know if the conditions is different than described above.

  • vivien
    July 4, 2010

    Plants bearing flowers and fruits need lot of sun but not us because it burns our skin and leaves us permanent marks

    Your tomato plant looks healthy and strong. I bet you’ll have a good harvest this year.

    6 inches screw, non rusted will do it. Many minor household repairings require only some sense.