Happy Father’s Day to 2 wonderful dad’s

Me and Dad

Jaime and her fabulous father

I had the pleasure of celebrating Father’s Day twice in one day. We started out our day with Nelson’s family for a delicious lunch of congee, noodles and BBQ duck from Sam Woo. Dixon and Mei were in town so we were all able to catch up. Dinner was at my parent’s house and my mother had made a lot of mouth-watering dishes such as stewed oxtail, chinese-style ribs, ketchup shrimp, veggies and salad. My sister had provided a mango mousse cake and my parents had purchased creamsicle-flavoured ice cream. That really took me back to my childhood days, sitting outside in the summer having the actual creamsicle (orange popsicle with vanilla ice cream inside). My sister’s boyfriend entertained us with his marathon story. Cheers to him for completing a full marathon with no training! This is definitely not advised however and he will tell you the same. The poor guy couldn’t walk after he crossed the finish line.

As we were leaving my parent’s house, Klutz wanted to say goodbye to Nelson. Klutz was Ernie’s cat, but after Cheryl and Ernie left all 3 of the cats with my parents while they were on vacation, my mother fell in love with Klutz and somehow he is now an official member of the Wu family.

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  • vivien
    July 4, 2010

    you are lucky to have 2 Fathers’ Day celebrations to go. We are lucky to have 2 daughters to make it happens.

    Klutz is people’s cat. He goes to people and he listens to people with his eyes looking at you. Ernie trained him good when he was a baby.
    One day in his baby life, he riped all Ernie’s leather furniture, clothes, and all toilet papers were on the floor. I wonder how Ernie trained him to become such a lovely cat. He must set some rules for Klutz. Good job, Ernie.