Mayhem in Toronto

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The G20 summit has come to an end, but the protesters are still out on the streets, trying to get their point across. I have yet to understand exactly what they are protesting. It all started yesterday, when a group of “criminals” as Mayor David Miller refers to them, decided to wreak havoc on our Toronto. Apparently many of these young people (anarchists) are not Torontonians, and they started employing Black Bloc tactics which seem to simply be acts of vandalism and destruction. Simply doing a Google search of “black bloc” brings up thousands of links. One that showed up is a somewhat disturbing communique. An excerpt from the document reads:

It is by virtue of the uncompromising militancy of this (our) Bloc that Liberal demonstrations are transformed into insurrectionary happenings. By physically defending ourselves against State (police) attacks, we add a serious dimension to an otherwise timid movement. By effectively defending non-violent protesters against the assaults of the police (such as at the A16 action in DC) we demonstrate the extra-symbolic power of the people while increasing the relative effectiveness of the overall action.

By attacking and destroying Capitalist private property we go beyond rhetoric and actually inflict real material damage upon the urban out-posts of the oppressive and totally uninteresting commodified empire of the new Capitalists. By our method we transform indecisiveness and restraint into REAL action.

Those upper middle class Pacifists who clamor that we are wrong by virtue of our demonstrated principles should be reminded that the only legitimate goal of mass demonstrations is to effect relevant social and revolutionary change for the benefit of the working class, poor, and declassed peoples. It is not, nor never should ever be, to be arrested and brutally beaten for the sake of some vain association with Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr.

We will not, nor should we, compromise our hatred or love any more then we will compromise our goal of complete social revolution, Anarchy, and the dream of all of humanity unshackled from the chains which are both seen and unseen. We make no apologies.

The media hasn’t done a very good job of explaining very much, always referring to this Anarchist group as the Black Bloc, but deeper research indicates that Black Bloc is not a specific organization or group – it is purely a tactic used in demonstrations. The media also refer to the group’s black clothing with hints of red. This is all part of the tactic – for the participants to look alike so that when an act has been committed (i.e., a brick thrown to break a window), it will be difficult for police to identify the person as s/he will immediately blend into the sea of people wearing the same ‘uniform’.

The scenes on my TV this weekend were shocking and angering. Toronto is my city. It is not a perfect city, but it is a city occupied by relatively peaceful people. To have this group of violent youth swoop in and destroy our buildings and inflict harm on our police officers is outrageous, appalling and despicable. The latest news updates state that 510 people have been arrested. I hope they are punished. I’m not clear on what they were protesting, but if it was capitalism, that’s fine, but was it really necessary to target banks and multinational franchises and break all their windows? How is that going to end capitalism?

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