Tonight’s Ultimate game – a fierce comeback

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I’ve been busy trying to build a WordPress website, which is why there has been such a long silence. I’ll report more on that soon – I’m feeling really exhausted right now, partially because I spent 1.5 hours running around in this crazy humidity playing ultimate, and the quarter pounder meal afterward is probably the other contributing factor.

I wasn’t sure what it would be like returning to ultimate this summer, like if I would still be able to play at the same level as my team since they play all year round and I had taken 3 seasons off to pursue curling. I admit, I’ve missed the sport and it’s nice to be back on the field. Up until tonight, I had played with enthusiasm, but with slightly less intensity as I did before I had hung up my cleats. Tonight, that fiery passion started coursing through me. At half-time, we were down 9-5, and we only had 1 female sub. I knew we were a lot better than how we were performing so I stepped it up a notch, as did the rest of the team, and we were making a strong comeback. I wanted this win so bad. My general enthusiasm became a focused desire and for the first time in a while (in the world of ultimate), I played with an abundance of confidence while feeling a sense of calm. Being able to stay focused and calm allows you to make better judgments and thus less technical errors. With great disappointment, we did lose by 1 point but I am happy that we came back in the second half. Next week we will be playing a strong team – hopefully we’ll have a bigger team, though I think tonight’s small size was what made me more aggressive. Fingers crossed that my body will still be mobile tomorrow!

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