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It’s been another incredibly crazy week. Actually, a week and a half ago I went for a walk in High Park with Micah. That place is such an oasis in this big, concrete Toronto jungle. Although the park is relatively close to me, I don’t get there often. Nelson isn’t big on taking walks, probably because it’s too slow moving. The park is such a wonderful, serene place, and spending time with Micah is always wonderful too. There’s never a dull conversation with him.

This week has been a little hectic. As Sonya puts it, it seems to be all or nothing with me. I’ve been making a number of contacts this week, mainly through friends. I feel blessed to be surrounded with people that believe in me and my work and go out and promote me to their peers/colleagues. As opportunities started rolling in, our friend Alex reminded me about the 4 hour work-week model, introduced to us by Timothy Ferriss. I had been following the model, except I’ve been outsourcing the work to the most expensive guy ~ my husband! The model is definitely a great way to make money, but I really do enjoy building websites…

Speaking of Alex, he took the plunge and left his 9-5 job to start up his own venture. I can’t say anything more right now, but stay tuned for the exciting reveal! It will likely happen in the next few weeks. I will say though that he’s so talented and his ‘product’ is really impressive. He makes something that can be intimidating, easy.

As I mentioned, I have had friends talking about me lately, which has lead to something interesting. My friend Becky from Humber works for a company called BlueRush, a digital media company. They are expanding and require more front-end developers so she recommended me. I met with the company earlier in the week and they are doing some interesting work. What sets them apart from some of the other agencies is their production/broadcast capabilities. They film in-house, I think out of their Montreal location, so should a client require video production, BlueRush acts as a one-stop shop. Anyway, I have agreed to a 3-month contract with them, starting after the upcoming long weekend. The added bonus is getting to work with Becky again. We sat next to each other in school and we get along fabulously. We’re pretty good at debugging each others code. Our personalities are quite different, but I think that’s what makes us a great team.

Wish me luck!

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  • vivien
    August 8, 2010

    Hi Jaime,

    Enjoy your 3 mos contract with BlueRush. and enjoy your school friend Becky.

    Wish you luck and all the best!