Our midnight donair run in Saint John

I’m sitting in my hotel room with the taste of donair sauce lingering in my mouth. I haven’t had a donair since my days in Halifax. We called Greco’s Pizza at 12:50 and placed our order, then ran up and over to pick it up (we had 10 minutes before it closed). Unlike Toronto, Saint John is quite hilly, making running quite the glute workout. We arrived at exactly 1AM, completely winded and excited to sink our teeth into the messy goodness. Does anyone know what animal donair meat is made from? It did hit the spot, though I think the sauce could be a little less sweet.

Our midnight snack ~ Donair!

I’m actually amazed that I’m here. Since starting my contract, I’ve been working some long hours. Yesterday was difficult as we had to pick up shoes I ordered from Square One, then I had work that I wanted to get done (after putting in a full day) and I had to pack. Luckily I have an amazing hubby and he packed for me while I sat glued in front of the computer, cursing IE6. Good news, the site is now working in the lousy browser. I finally got to bed at 2AM-ish. I rushed home after work to water our plants and we basically had to leave immediately to catch our flight. I’m worried that our tomatoes will suffer over the weekend. It’s rare that I wish for rain.

I better get to bed (it’s past 2AM here) and I have an all-day wedding to attend tomorrow.


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