Career decisions

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Where am I going? How do I want to proceed? I'm definitely in a good position, but I need to make the *right* choice for me and my future. I hope Nelson comes home soon. I need someone to discuss this with. Where's that crystal ball when you need it?

CSS Sprites

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Instead of having a number of small images, it's more efficient to have one page that holds all your images. By doing this, there is only one HTTP-request, increasing your page load time. But note, sprites are most often created for single blocks of graphics and not so much for repeating graphics. ...

A car that drives itself?

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This is exactly what I have been waiting for, a self-driving car! I wonder if this will bring down the number of drunk driving fatalities? Will this be the way that speeders will be controlled? It seems you can override the system using the break, but there is no mention of a ...

Black Hoof – try it!

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Micah and I ate at this very interesting restaurant tonight, Black Hoof. We started with cocktails - I had the pumpkin pie sour and he had some smokey bacon cocktail which I don't recommend. Our meal consisted of horse tartar, albacore tuna, pork belly and marrow. Everything was delicious. I still ...