Giants win the 2010 World Series

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It’s an exciting night for San Franciscans. Tonight fans celebrate the Giants’ 4-1 world series victory over the Texas Rangers. The last time they won the title was in 1954, and that was when the Giants played in New York. So you can imagine how big this win is.

We caught some of the celebratory action on Market Street tonight, and we can still hear horns honking and people yelling, “Go Giants!”. Fans were hanging out of cars with Go Giants signs, while some had the Tuck Fexus signs which Nelson found funny.

World Series celebration along Market Street

Coming from a city that has experienced a World Series win, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the excitement. The Toronto Jays won the 1993 title and when we (fans and spectators) flooded out of the Sky Dome onto the streets, you could feel the energy. You couldn’t help but feel this united pride swelling inside of you. Walking along Market Street tonight, I saw that. I don’t follow baseball, but I am genuinely happy for the fans in this city.

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