The Palazzo

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I’m sitting at the desk in the sunken family room of our room at the Palazzo in Las Vegas. It’s incredible! Our room overlooks the Venetian. I found this out once Nelson picked up a remote control and hit the blinds-up button. Imagine the look of astonishment on my face when this happened. I love our closet – you open the door and the light automatically comes on. There are two TVs (that I saw) – one mounted on the wall in front of our bed and the other in the family room. And then we opened the double doors off the hallway from the front door, only to find a massive bathroom (his/her sinks, bathtub, glass stand up shower and makeup counter. In a separate room is the toilet with a phone on the wall. We saw another remote control and Nelson thought it was displaced and took it to the bedroom until I looked up and noticed there is a TV in the bathroom. I managed to take a quick shower while watching TV. We’re now just waiting in hunger. We have reservations later this evening at LAVO restaurant. I’m contemplating between steak and the lobster risotto. My stomach is grumbling.

The bedroom

Bedroom TV and bar

Sunken living room

The bathroom

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