Mac vs keyboard

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The usual write-up would involve Mac vs PC, but that is not my dilemma. A little bit of background on the situation…I am a PC user but not really by choice. I grew up using a PC, although our very first computer was an Apple. That didn’t last too long and I can’t remember why. Very recently I had seriously considered purchasing the MacBook Air, just to see why Mac users are so loyal. A friend of mine, a Mac user, advised against the Air and asked me to consider the MacBook. This laptop is definitely not even close to being as sexy as the Air, but he felt it would serve me better in the long run. Of course, he probably assumed that I would convert and retire my PC.

A couple of weeks ago, I visited my good friend, Micah. One of his newest purchases was a digital piano. It’s obviously quite a bit smaller than a regular, upright piano, like the one I had growing up, but the feel of keys is familiar and the sound/tone is not electronic-like – it actually sounds like a piano. I was impressed. I was even more impressed as Micah was tickling the ivories (whatever material they are). How is that guy still single?

Music really does soothe my soul and it’s such a wonderful way to express how you are feeling. As a child of Asian decent, I was forced into playing the piano as a child. I’m sure my mother had dreams that I would turn out to be some sort of prodigy, but I was not one that enjoyed being forced into doing things. (I can be stubborn). I barely ever practiced. It wasn’t until I had stopped playing for a number of years that I started to miss it. I’m certain it won’t be that easy for me to pick up again since I was not the model student back in the day, but maybe I’ll still have the finger dexterity and patience required to learn some easy pieces. Actually, the inspiration to play the piano again came as I was listening to Yiruma.

So now the decision is whether I want to experience the Mac environment or give it up to try my hand at music again. There is no guarantee that I’ll get full use out of either purchase, nor do I *need* either item. If I were to choose one, which will bring me more prolonged pleasure? Stay tuned for further updates!

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