Ruth’s Chris on a budget

If you have ever eaten at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, you understand why people want to keep coming back. Their steaks are aged to perfection and broiled – to your exact order – at a searing 1800 degrees Fahrenheit to lock in the corn-fed flavour and natural juices. It’s served hot and sizzling. In fact, you can actually hear your steak sizzling from across the room! But there is a price attached to such good steaks, making it place we typically only go to on special occasions.

But recently we discovered that Costco carries gift cards for this steakhouse, saving you some money. For $80, you get a $100 gift card. This place is Nelson’s favourite steakhouse so I decided to take him out last night. I bundled myself up yesterday afternoon and head out to Costco and made a reservation for that evening. We both had the lobster bisque to start and we shared a porterhouse with creamed spinach and broiled tomatoes. We paired our meal with a 2007 Amarone. It was a perfect date! My mistake was giving in to my craving for a cappuccino and lying in bed wide awake until 7AM. I should have gotten up and watched Nadal’s match at the Australian Open. We had stayed up (until 3 or 4AM) to watch Isner’s match. I think we only watch Isner because he’s so bad that it’s entertaining. I love watching Nadal and/or Federer though – their skills impress and inspire me. We caught a rerun of the end of Nadal’s match and now it’s the TSN (curling) skins games. A weekend of my two favourite sports!

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