We’ll sleep on it – the bedsheet tales

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This all started after my mum bought us a great silk duvet from China. We removed our Ikea duvet from the cover and replaced it with the hypo-allergenic silk duvet, which is supposed to keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The only issue was the size – Euro King – sort of between the North American Queen and King.

After 3 days of shopping around, nothing has changed. We are still using our original bedding.

We originally went looking for a king sized duvet cover, with the intention that I would alter it to the size of the duvet. We found one that was a similar shade to what we already had, but of course I decide that maybe this is the time we change it up and think about new colours. So after an hour of walking around the linen section, we leave with a good looking, king-sized duvet cover. It’s a metalic-y darker brown with an interesting pattern with some bluish hues and the underside was striped. We had picked out a soft blue Gluckstein sheet set, which we decided not to purchase that day because it was the only brand that was not on sale. We get home and Nelson points out the size – it’s gigantic! So we take it out to measure it for ourselves and I learn 3 things: (1) the cover was way too big and we should exchange for the queen (2) the colour might actually be too dark for my liking and (3) it’s a real head-scratcher re-folding linens and putting them back into their packaging.

Second day, we return to the store to see what other options we may have missed. We opt for something much lighter in colour – a Nautica cover and sheet set – shades of soothing blues and whites which made me associate it with summer vacations, oceans and beaches. We also picked up a set of uber expensive king-sized pillowcases (800 thread count that felt so luxurious, Hotel brand). This time we picked up the queen-size cover. After I take out all the sheets and throw them into the wash, Nelson stops me before running the cycle. He wants to measure the cover, just-in-case. It’s fine, and it looks nice on our bed, but when we found the washing label, it said DRY CLEAN ONLY. Yeah right, like I’m going to dry clean my linens. I’m thinking of throwing it in the wash using the delicate cycle, but to be safe, Nelson and I run to our respective computers and immediately Google the problem (you can see how we’re a good match). I quickly come to the decision that it might not be a great/safe idea to machine wash this item, nor am I willing to pay for the dry cleaning of a duvet cover, so we go through the entire process of folding and repackaging everything.

Final day, we head to a different store to see what other options there are and NOTHING speaks to us after walking around in circles for another 45 minutes. We get into the car and head back to the original store and return all the linens. I don’t recall buying bedding ever being this much work. However, we’re both particular people, so when you get both of us trying to find something, it can take a while. Since we are unable to find something now, we’ll wait. Hopefully the Spring collection will offer some styles that wow us. I can’t complain about saving some money.

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