Energy conservation – light timer

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Winter means shorter daylight hours so what typically happens is I turn on our porch light before I leave in the morning so when I get home at the end of the day, I can easily see the keyhole to let myself back inside. This means that the light is on even during daylight hours, which is a waste of electricity.

To remedy this, Nelson has installed a programmable light switch. When he initially removed the plate, he told me 10 dead wasps were crammed in there. I think it was the summer of 2008 that we had a wasp problem. It wasn’t just us – our neighbours had them too, and at that time, Nelson and I did call pest control as the wasps were somehow getting into the house (through the porch roof) and I’m deathly afraid of bees and wasps. It was a weird summer because we would see wasps flying into porch roofs of all our neighbours, and one of our neighbours even had the start of wasp nest on the front of their house, on the brick. Anyway, pest control took care of the issue for at least us. We’re convinced that our foyer wall is probably filled with dead wasps.

Anyway, after vacuuming up the dead bodies, Nelson managed to get a good look at the wiring. We recently bought the programmable light switch from Rona and Nelson installed it, so now the light only comes on at 5:30PM. Thanks babe! This is our small contribution to being environmentally responsible.

If you want to install a programmable light switch too, remember, you need to kill the power before going anywhere near electrical wires. A live wire could kill you. If you’re the least bit unsure about wiring, research. We use the Home Depot’s Home Improvment 1-2-3 (second edition) as a reference.

Remember to turn off the power when working with electrical wires

Programmable light switch from Rona

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