Pitter patter

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I heard the little feet this morning as I was lying in bed. I used to think that was the sound of birds on the eves trough (during the summer), but now the sound is very distinctly a critter(s) running around up in the attic. I remembered someone telling me a similar story – his child waking him up at night because she heard little feet and it turned out to be mice. The exterminator they hired made a bold statement and said that every house has mice.

Nelson brought up the ladder and we poked our head up through the little hole into the attic. It’s full of insulation, but you can see little burrows, which explains why we can hear the feet, and how they are staying warm. It’s mice because Nelson saw some little mouse droppings. A friend of ours told us about mouse poison, which causes the rodent to dry up for the inside out. Once they ingest the poison, they begin looking for a way outside because they feel thirsty. We’ll have to figure out how we want to deal with this situation.


Attic, with a thick layer of insulation


A burrow opening in the insulation

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