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Nelson has been so wonderful and supportive over the last little while. He’s always wonderful, but especially so when I really need strength and understanding. He still takes the logical point of view, but sometimes that is better than merely giving false hopes by saying what you want to hear. His kindness has really touched me. Despite what recent “news” articles have said, nice guys don’t finish last. Unlike the stats provided (where did those stats come from?), I love it when he smiles. His dimple melts my heart.

It would not be a complete thank you without thanking Sonya as well. We’ve been through so much together, and here she is again – standing close by to remind me that I’m not alone. I can’t begin to describe our friendship, or how much I love her. She knows when to jump in and when to give me my space. She can make me laugh until the tears are rolling down my cheeks.

I feel so blessed. Thank you.

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