How to live a balanced, happy life

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What a great article from Think Vitamin. My husband would tell me to read it over a few times to let the content sink in. For some reason, he thinks I’m a workaholic even though I see myself as lazy. There are times that a normal person might say that I have taken on too much work, and if I take a moment to think like a sane person who is not sleep deprived, I’d agree. But the thing with web work is that it doesn’t feel like work most of the time. When I get out of bed at 6:30am to try to finish a freelance job before I leave for my day job (more web work), I’m not moping or resentful about it. I do it because an idea hit me in my sleep.

Here’s a short excerpt. I’m not so sure my husband would agree with Gary Vanynerchuk’s opinion on Hustle 2.0.

If all of the above are true then GO FOR IT! Honestly, get up at 4:30am work until your fingers hurt. Then get up the next day and do it all again. If you’ve got the passion and drive and it makes you happy then do it. Gary Vanynerchuk calls it Hustle 2.0. Hustle, hustle and then hustle some more. Just make sure to eat, and drink plenty of fluids and be aware that some of your friends may fall by the wayside. The bottom line is, it’s your choice.

Don’t, however, be under the illusion that the more you work the more likely you are to succeed. It’s true that working hard will get you to places you wouldn’t be if you hadn’t worked hard but there will always be someone who had a smart idea, puts in a little work and succeeds as much as you do. That’s just life.

Don’t work hard just to make more money. You need to be working hard because it’s what makes you tick. And because your work is your hobby and because it makes you happy. Not because you hope it will make you a millionaire. That’s a ‘nice to have’.

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