New contract, new challenges

I’ve just started a new contract with Direct Antidote, the creative agency of LoyaltyOne (most recognized for AIR MILES). It hasn’t quite been a week yet, but I already like the environment. The group is tight and everyone is very helpful. People work hard, but there’s definitely a sense of playfulness. You really can’t get through the day without laughing with your colleagues. If you take yourself too seriously, this isn’t the place for you.

As with every contract I take on, I strive to be the best that I can be by learning what needs to get done and setting personal goals to achieve those tasks more efficiently than expected. This has proven to be a little bit more challenging right out of the gate as I am working on a Mac. To make things even more interesting, I am using a PC keyboard. I have to rewire my brain and forget about Alt+Tab, Ctrl+C, the Home/End keys or Alt+Prt Scr. I did find out that I can re-map the keys, so maybe I’ll give that a shot tomorrow.

I can’t honestly say that I like or dislike the Mac more than the PC. I need more time with the Mac. It’s a completely different machine. Fonts definitely render more nicely on the Mac. Now if I can only get some admin rights to upgrade my Firefox….

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