East Coast Travels – Halifax – Dalhousie

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My trip to Halifax would not be complete without visiting my alma mater – Dalhousie University.

I was looking for the business building as we walked up Spring Garden Rd., but could not find it. I knew it had been rebuilt, but I later found out it moved to University Avenue.

We also went to Shirreff Hall where I learned that Newcombe House (the one I lived in) was the only all-girls house on campus. Old Eddy and New Eddy have been turned into co-ed residences. The building and the rooms look the exact same.

We also wandered into the Killum library where I spent a lot of my time. Nelson was so funny. When we walked in, the main floor has suddenly become filled with computers. He asks me if we’re so old now that books no longer exist.

It was too quick, but that was my short trip down memory lane.

Here are a few pictures – click image to enlarge with description. You can click the image again to enlarge a little bit more. The back button will bring you back to this page.

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