East Coast Travels – Halifax – Joy’s Wedding

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The whole purpose of our East Coast road trip was to attend our friend’s wedding. Joy and James got married on Saturday, July 23. It was the same day as the Pride Parade in Halifax, which was going to happen right in front of our hotel, so we decided to walk to the church.

The ceremony was beautiful. Joy looked stunning in her gown. She had described the dress to me over dinner in Toronto and I knew she’d look beautiful in it. James looked handsome too – this was the first time I’ve met him.

We met Joy a few years ago through Ultimate Frisbee. I think our team found her when we posted on the TUC website looking for another female player. We managed to keep in touch even after she moved to Timmins around 1.5 years ago to be with James. We would get together for brunch each time she came back into Toronto. Like me, she was also going through a career change in life. It was nice to have someone to talk to that could relate to the new challenges. I think the reason I found it so easy to be friends with Joy is because I get the sense that we have a lot of similarities. We tend to keep to ourselves more and have smaller groups of close friends. Her outer beauty radiates from within – she is like an old soul – gentle and peaceful with a lot of inner strength. She is an athlete and I’ve learned that she is also a gifted artist.

After the ceremony, Nelson and I head back to the hotel. The fog had rolled in and a little bit of rain was falling. Luckily I had brought flip flops to change into so that I could walk briskly.

A couple hours later, we head downstairs for the cocktail reception. One of Joy’s aunt teased Nelson and I because we just stuck together the whole time. We didn’t know anyone, but it didn’t matter to us. We drank our cocktails and made each other laugh. When the doors finally opened, we were seated with 3 other young couples. We had a lot of laughs with them and a couple of them even got up to sing to the newlyweds (to make them kiss). The food was very good, and at midnight, a Filipino buffet was set out. I wasn’t hungry, but the homemade spring rolls were irresistible.

What a fine way to end our trip. Tomorrow (or today should I say), we head back to Toronto.

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