Look, no hands!

Hubby and I went for a bike ride yesterday to Centennial Park. I re-learned something fundamental about turning – I was having some difficulty doing this on my road bike for some reason. Turning has less to do with the the physical act of turning your wheel and everything to do with weight shifting. I learned this by chance as I was busy looking around when Nelson turned the corner and without thinking about it, I just leaned into my turn and it was a nice, smooth turn. I wasn’t sure if what just happened was a fluke or if I was onto something, so I tried the same action again and ah ha! I got it!

I also managed to ride for a couple seconds with no hands, something I did all the time as a kid but am nervous about as an adult. It’s a good skill to get back as I need to stretch my back sometimes. Nelson is such a ham – check out the videos below.

Here are a couple videos from our trip.

Distance: 38km

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