Caught in the rain

Even though we knew there was a chance of rain, hubby and I decided to meet up with Sonya and her guy for a bike ride in the city. It started off overcast and there was the slightest spitting when hubby and I rode out to meet them, but it didn’t take too long to clear up. The sun actually came out.

We parted ways around Islington and Eglinton. Hubby and I continued westward and Sonya and John headed south. We noticed dark clouds forming so we decided to ride as fast as possible, with me leading. I managed to get up to around 38km – interesting how the idea of getting wet can motivate you. We raced to and through West Deane Park, but as soon as we exited the park, we were hit by the rain. It didn’t even start of as light drizzle. It came down on us fast and hard. I was wearing my persimmon lenses, which helped protect my eyes from the rain and helped to brighten things up a little (orangey colour lense), but man, it was coming down so hard. There was no point in us stopping and taking cover since we were already soaked and cold. We turned on our front and rear lights and just forged on to get home.

I do have to say that drivers become very considerate when it’s raining. I’m sure it’s because they felt sorry for us suckers, but they actually slowed down for us when we had to come out into traffic for whatever reason, and when driving by, they’d actually slow down and move over more than usual, which prevented them from splashing us. Not that it would have mattered. There was enough water on the ground that it was like riding through a shallow pool anyway. Drivers that pulled out of an intersection too far, actually backed up for us so that we wouldn’t have to stop. That’s how sorry they felt for us.

I stayed in the drops because I found this way, my wet shirt wouldn’t cling against my stomach. The hill where I usually have to gear down completely to get up, didn’t stop me at all. I actually didn’t gear down at all, which really surprised me. Cold, windy and wet pushes your body to do pretty amazing things I guess.

When we finally got to our street, hubby told me to run in and open to the garage and he’d wheel the bikes in. Understand that my shoes and socks were soaked so my feet felt like dead weights as I was running. On top of that, because I was cold and wet, my muscles were starting to cramp up and they felt like jello from riding unusually hard and fast. I was actually wondering if I’d face plant as I was running.

We peeled the clothes off in the laundry room and ran up to take a hot shower, ate some instant noodles and passed out on the couch for an hour. Hubby is now cleaning our chains and I’m trying to convince Sonya that she needs to get a road bike. It was harder for her to climb the hills on the old urban bike she was riding today. I’m just glad that she wasn’t with us racing through the down pour. Unfortunately, I got an email from her telling me she blew a tire, but luckily it was by a subway station so she and John were able to hop on and get home safely.

Sorry, I don’t have pictures. I didn’t want to risk destroying my phone with water.

Distance: 48km. Time: 2.5 hours.

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