Finally, I can do no hands!

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It was a super busy day yesterday. We spent the morning with our families picking peaches at Cherry Avenue Farms. My aunt and cousin from California are visiting so my parents are finding fun activities to take them to.

Everyone picked the big Redhaven peaches. They are still hard, but from our experience, if you leave them on your counter for a few days, they ripen beautifully and become juicy and sweet.

Hubby and I then had to rush back to the city to meet up with Sandy and Sonya for lunch. We went to Joy’s Bistro in Leslieville. Originally we were going to have a picnic in High Park, but Richard, Sandy’s other half, had fractured his foot playing soccer and was in a boot so we didn’t want to make him travel too far. The food at Joy’s was hearty. Sonya, John and Nelson ordered the egg classics (Eggs Joy and Eggs Norwentine) and they looked rich and delicious. Sandy and I ordered the Chicken Club Panini. I thought it was good, though I found the chicken a little bit on the dry side. The panini was fresh and you can never go wrong with smoked bacon.

After lunch, hubby and I went for a bike ride. As time was a factor, we only managed a 23.5km ride. With all the food in me and the heat, I actually started out feeling sluggish and I struggled to keep up with hubby. This time, the 7.7km that took me 22 minutes, only took me 20 minutes. That’s what happens when you ride with others – they push you to go faster. I wasn’t sure how I was going to hold up at that point, but it got easier once we slowed down a little and had a little bit of shade.

As you can see, I’m much more comfortable riding without hands now. And clearly, hubby is become quite the camera man on the bike – riding with no hands, turned around filming.

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