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I had been building this site at work, which was challenging because the design was not friendly and I was not allowed to use any CSS3. IE users are privileged enough to have the same experience as users of real browsers. This design was all about rounded corners (everywhere!), gradients within gradients, drop shadows (inner and outer) and fancy divider lines. This has seriously been the most challenging layout I’ve tackled and on top of that, there were several layouts to build out. Some pages had similar things going on, but there would always be something that was slightly different, which would require an additional CSS class.

The thing I really like about working at OneMethod are the people and the feedback. I have been working closely with Kurt Krumme and Darren Shea. Both of them are experienced and take great pride in their craft which was evident early on. They can look at [my] code and concisely explain to me how and why I might be able to make it better/cleaner/more semantic. I like that. This is the first time I’m actually getting useful feedback and trying to apply the things they are teaching me. Kurt told me to take it as a personal victory each time I can eliminate a div. Mark-up is not hard to learn. I believe that anyone can build a page, but can you build it with minimal, clean code? That is what I am continuously striving for. I know Kurt and Darren can do it so it’s become a personal challenge for me to be able to meet their standards.

This site that has been causing my hair to turn white, is now slowing down and I have my life back. It’s been peaceful and I think hubby is happy too. I know he doesn’t like it when I get little sleep and all I do is think about the code – he missed my company in the evenings. He was even happily surprised that I didn’t do any work over the weekend – I was all his. We had such a great weekend together, and the weather was more summer-like than fall allowing us to go for some bike rides. We rode out to the lighthouse at Ashbridges Bay – a 47.5km ride round-trip. I’m getting stronger, which is good because he wants us to do some longer rides next year (Ride for Heart 75km and Ride to Conquer Cancer 200km). Biking has proven to be a great sport for me. It’s both a solo and group activity. I love going out with hubby, but it’s not realistic to ride side-by-side all the time, which is what makes it a solo sport. I’m usually focused on keeping up, and beating my previous time. I’d also like to raise my endurance and be able to ride greater distances at respectable speeds. The day was perfect for the lighthouse route, and the trail is wide and smooth. I caught myself humming as Nelson sprinted off and I was trying to maintain my 25km/hr speed. Everything was perfect, until we were back on the waterfront trail, not too far from home. One of the spokes on hubby’s back tire broke. Luckily, he has put a piece of emergency electrical tape on both our bikes, and he taped the spoke to another and told me that we’d have to ride slowly. From behind, I could see his back wheel wobbling. The next day we took the wheel to Duke’s for them to repair as hubby doesn’t want to buy new wheels this year since the season is coming to a close. We had lunch at Mother’s Dumplings at Spadina and College. We went when they were in this shabby little basement, but the food was excellent (if you like Chinese dumplings). The food is still great, and the space is so much bigger, brighter and cleaner. After running a lot of errands that day (Sunday), we decided to go for a short ride. Since Nelson was missing a wheel on his road bike, he had to take his mountain bike. Man, it was funny riding behind him and watching his legs peddling super fast. I should get him to write a guest post about his experience going back to a mountain bike – he was expressing to me how exhausting hill climbing was on that bike. The mishap that happened yesterday was that, without any warning, I got the shakes (sugar depletion). When that happens, I have a difficult time focusing on anything and I get light headed, so I got off my bike and sat down on the grass doing my controlled breathing. Nelson immediately rode out to Bloor to find a convenient store and came back with some chocolate bars. I swear, that guy takes so good care of me! We both sat there, eating our mars bars, not saying much. It helped, and I was able to speak and make decisions again. We decided to cut our ride short and head home. On the way, there is a big hill and Nel was struggling to get up it so I decided to take the lead so he could draft. I sat up-right, trying to make myself as big as possible to protect him from the wind. I pretended I was one of those puffy fishes. This is why it’s nice to ride together – we’re able to help each other out.

On the weekend, we also traded in my camera for the Nikon D5100! It reminds me of the first digital camera my dad bought me when I finished university. It was also a Nikon, and it had the swivel LCD monitor. With fall coming, the leaves will be changing colours. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some shots of it. I think this camera also has additional scenes. I have never really used them with my previous cameras, but one scene that caught my eye was the food scene. I’m curious to see how it will improve the pictures.

I’m back to work tomorrow, happy and well-rested. Hubby has ultimate tonight (I have become a fair weather player with age and did not sign up for fall outdoor), so I’ll make the mole chicken and see if I can figure out how to roast the mama squash mum gave me last week.

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    September 26, 2011

    Correction: The lighthouse is not at Ashbridge’s Bay. It is west of Ashbridge’s, at Tommy Thompson Park.