Biking in St. Catherines

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On Saturday, hubby and I were going to go to the Niagara Wine Festival, but decided to take advantage of the remaining good weather and we went biking instead. We loaded up our bikes in the late morning and drove out to St. Catherines.

Hubby rigged up a new way to transport our bikes. Previously we had put my bike on the roof and his bike lying flat in the back of the car. Although he didn’t mind doing this, he decided that we should put both bikes in the car to reduce drag when driving, and just for security. He doesn’t want to leave the bike out in the open, so here is his solution.

We parked at Charles Daley Park like last time. The sun was partially out, but it was a little cool at 16 or 18 degrees Celsius. I had prepared for this by bringing my running pants and running sleeves.

Here is the route we took. Total distance: 68.8km | Total time: 4 hours | Total moving time: 3 hours 9 minutes.

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We had to ride on the road for a while, before we hit the Welland Canal Trail, which is a 40km paved trail that connects St. Catherines and Port Colborne. Part of the trail was closed due to construction, but we managed to re-connect at another portion. When we encountered the trail closure, we had to dismount and walk through a rough trail to get back on track. It was only a short distance, but it was a fun experience. There were puddles on the dirt path and each of the puddles housed little frogs!

Nelson patiently waiting for me as I tried to get a video of the frogs

Cute litte frogs in the puddles

The Welland Canal trail is actually very nice. You are literally biking right next to the canal and we even watched a massive ship going through a narrow part of the canal. The trail is fairly flat, which was a nice break from climbing the escarpment earlier on.

Crossing a bridge

We had hit a crossing and there was a riding group of some sort, but what made this group so interesting was the types of “bikes” they were riding. The yellow pill-shaped bikes were the cutest ever! Our memory card on the camera was full, so we only got a picture (not video) of the yellow pills.

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