Occupy Toronto

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I just heard about this today. I’m hoping this won’t turn into the same, scary scene that Toronto saw during the G20 summit last summer.

The “Occupy” protests that have also sprung up across the United States were inspired by the original demonstration — Occupy Wall Street. The massive protest in Manhattan began Sept. 17 and appears to speak for a disappearing middle class.

The movement claims the interests of the wealthiest people have taken precedence over the needs of everyday people — the so-called 99 per cent — and blames the financial sector the economic pain felt by so many.

Occupy Toronto is intended to be a peaceful event.

Canada’s banks, whose head office towers around King and Bay Sts. are the likely focus of Occupy Toronto, say they’re taking precautious.

“The sense I’m getting, and I’ve been on some conference calls, is people are unsure what to expect. They’re certainly preparing for disruptions. We take the view: ‘Prepare for the worst, hope for the best,’” said Canadian Bankers Association spokesperson Maura Drew-Lytle.

Protesters plan to occupy a slice of downtown Toronto at 10 a.m. on Saturday. It looks as if the march will begin at the corner of King and York Sts., but where the protesters will end up is yet to be determined.

A schedule on an OccupyTO website has a calendar that goes through to March.

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