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Happy Thanksgiving!

Another beautiful day. Sadly, I dug up the tomato plants and the plants out front in preparation for fall. The weather has been strangely warm, so the tomato plants were only half dead. There were still green fruits and even new blooms! But this long weekend has been very summer-like and dry, making it easy to dig things up. I was also sad to have to dig up the Persian Shield plants and the Blue Moons, but I need to make space for the tulips. I’ve read that the Persian Shield can be an indoor plant – perhaps I’ll try growing some indoors next year. I need to do more research to ensure they are not prone to pests. The other thing is that we may do a couple big trips next year so having too many plants is actually a problem for us.

Gardening always takes longer than you anticipate. By the time I was done, it was past 3pm, but we decided to ride out to the lighthouse anyway. I still felt up to it despite the fact that I might have developed a cold. Last night I had a sore throat. I thought it was because of the biking in Waterloo and possible dehydration, but I woke up with the same sore throat and a bit of a runny nose. I hope this passes quickly!

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