Uco Valley wine tour

Today was our tour with Ampora Wine Tours. For US$175 per person, we visited 3 very modern wineries and had a gourmet lunch. We had signed up for the Uco Valley wine tour. The region of Uco Valley is gorgeous. Picture this – foothills and the snow-capped Andes in the background, rows and rows of grape vines in a desert setting with ultra modern, beautiful bodegas (wineries). The architecture of these wineries is like nothing I’ve seen before.

I’d go into a lot more detail of each of the 3 wineries, but to be honest, I’m wiped. Our tour started at 8:20 in the morning and we arrived back in the city at 8:30pm. We were a lot smarter on this wine tour compared to the one in Sonoma Valley where we basically drank every glass put in front of us. On this tour, there weren’t quite as many tastings, a total of 11 full glasses, but we only finished the wines we liked, which were predominantly the reds. The whites were crisp and fresh, but I have become accustomed to New Zealand sauv blancs, which I think are hard to beat. Their malbecs on the other hand are very good.

Maybe at another time, when I have less booze and food in me, I’ll say more. Or better yet, book your own tour and check it out for yourself! You won’t be disappointed.

We have to get to bed as our flight is tomorrow. I hope I can fall asleep because I just finished dinner. I had a bit of goat with my bowl of salt. No joke. They served me a bowl of salt! It had a lot of potential, the goat stew with a chardonnay sauce, but they screwed it up by making it so salty that it was inedible, but I knew I should get something in me. I think this dish contained my salt intake for the rest of the year. I wonder what people from Argentina think we they come to Toronto to eat – they must think our food is really bland.

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