Adios Agentina (by Nelson)

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It’s our final day in South America. We awoke at 8am which is comparatively later than other mornings of our trip. There was still uncertainty regarding our airport transfer pickup. After a quick, and thankfully our last jabon breakfast of the trip, we got a message from front desk telling us the driver would arrive at 10am. Everything is good now, but as we finished packing, a call to our room informed us that the driver was waiting in the lobby, 30 minutes early. So off we go to the airport, 3 hours before our flight time. The airport in Mendoza is no Pearson International. Checkin took 2 minutes. And we were waiting at our gate another 5 later. The flight from Mendoza was a short 35 minutes in the air over the tallest peaks of the Andeans, and in no time, we were in the Santiago terminal. The distance between the two cities is a mere 200km, but is a 6 hours drive because of the natual barrier that divides Argentina and Chile. This would prove to be a day of waiting in airport terminals. The movie “The Terminal” comes to mind, except luckily for us, we do have flights home that are, as of writing this post, still on schedule. We have 7 hours to kill. In fact, I think we saw our Air Canada Boeing 777 aircraft taxing for its flight to Buenos Aires, which will then return to Santiago to pick us up tonight and take us back to Toronto. In the terminal, we had a lunch of fettucine bolognesa. Jaime has been craving pasta and tomato sauce for the last few days. It is difficult even for the most die-hard Canadian carnivores to get accustomed to Agentina’s beef intensive menus. Argentina restaurants are also fairly liberal with their use of salt in their dishes. As strange as it may be, Jaime called the lunch in the SCL international terminal one of the best meals she’s had in a while. Fresh pasta was used, and the flavour of the sauce was right, not oversalted. So it is now 4:30pm local time. We have yet another 4.5 hours before scheduled boarding. One great thing about Starbucks is that you can almost always count on wifi being available, even here in the Santiago International transfer terminal. As I sip my Cafe Americano, I cannot help but wonder how much life I will get from the charge on the laptop battery.

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