Argentine airport crazy line-ups

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It’s worse than boarding a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong, and I thought that was bad with all the impatient, rude, Asians stampeding through to get on the plane. It’s chaos. Same goes for flights in Argentina. Line-ups start to form before any announcement is made and even though it makes no sense and causes a lot of confusion, you have to be part of the insanity because if you don’t waste your time standing in a line instead of sitting and waiting patiently, you might not get space in the overhead compartment for your carry on luggage. On top of that, people love cutting in line and that makes me mad. What happens is this super long line forms way before boarding even starts, so now you have congestion and confusion. An announcement will be made, late of course because that’s just the way it is in Argentina, and then people from the back rush forward, causing even more chaos. It’s the most maddening airport experience, on top of the fact that none of their flights ever seem to be on time.

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