Travel is tricky in Argentina with limited Spanish

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We’re sitting in the airport in Buenos Aires waiting for our next flight to Trelew. I had to drag myself out of bed this morning. The alarm went off at the Godly hour of 6am. Our driver was picking us up at 7. I managed to sleep through the entire trip from Puerto Iguazu to Buenos Aires. I even fell asleep sitting at the Iguazu airport, both in the waiting area to get through to our gate, and again in the waiting area to board. The flight was half an hour late and I could hear people’s worried voices in English. I guess the notes on the monitors were showing that we were boarding, but there wasn’t even a plane at the gate so people were wondering if they were at the wrong gate. I was too tired to worry about anything. I think once we boarded, I was out again. Nelson said that I slept like a ham. The 2 hours of sleep really helped. I’m wide awake now, after eating a rubbery piece of chicken at the food court in Jorge Newbery airport. Our next flight leaves in about 45 minutes and we’ll be in the air for another 2 hours and then we’re on our own. We’ve rented a car for this leg of our trip so we can travel in our usual style. I think Nelson is really hoping we will get to see an orca eating a sea lion pup (*shiver*). During our jungle bike trip last night, Alex told us how he and his family witnessed this when he was living in the area. I’m less keen on seeing this, even though it is a natural thing that happens in nature. I can’t stand to see a little sea lion being snacked on.

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