2011 – year in review

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Didn’t I just write this post for 2010? Time flies so quickly when there is so much you want to do, which I suppose is better than having time stand still because there is nothing you want to do.

The year has comprised of many great moments, with some less happy events, but luckily those passed. My father had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and for 6-months of the year, it was nail-biting. There were many sleepless nights and tired mornings as I hopped on the subway to meet my dad at the hospital for his chemo sessions. My heart was breaking, but my spirit managed to stay strong as my father continued to smile and laugh throughout the treatments. After 6-months of regular treatment, we were given the biggest and best news of the year – dad was in remission.

I am a believer in fate – that everything happens for a reason. My career change allowed me the flexibility to be able to spend time with my dad. I thought working short term contracts was really a great route, but freelancing has proven to be a truly sweet gig. I’m not sure how easy it will be for me to go back to full time employment, should I ever have to. Throughout the year, I have met so many talented and interesting people in the field of development and design.

Travel had to be put on hold during the first half of the year, but as soon as dad was ok, hubby and I decided to get away. This was our first trip that happened with such a short planning period, but it worked out very well. Typically we will start planning a few weeks in advance – within a week we were on the plane to Argentina.

Although I was a bit of a recluse for part of the year, Sonya and Sandy have remained constant in my life over the year. It has actually been an interesting year for both of them and our usual girls nights have morphed into triple dates. Both of them met someone special during the year, and Sandy will be getting married next year! Even with our busy work and social schedules, it’s a huge comfort to know that once a month, I’ll see my girls.

After 3-years of marriage, I’m happy to report that we (me, at least) are still enjoying each other’s company. I love snuggling up to him in the evenings and it still brings me great pleasure when he laughs at some of the strange things I say.

Oh, almost forgot, this year we bought road bikes! I started off only being able to comfortably ride around 10km, and ended the outdoor riding season at 84km! I’m now riding indoors using a bike trainer so that hopefully when spring comes and I hit the roads, it will be like I have never stopped riding.

I’m excited about 2012. I have considered doing something different yet again, but I haven’t figured out the details yet. So stay tuned. I’ll try to be more diligent in keeping my blog up to date.

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