Going to Hong Kong

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There are 8 hours and 35 minutes (of the 14:18) left until we reach Hong Kong, but I have to say, the time has flown by painlessly.

We are flying with my brother-in-law and his wife.  Originally we were sitting together, but while checking in, hubby and I discovered that our flight was in a newer aircraft (meaning, the new business class layout) so we managed to change seats so that we could sit together.  This will all make sense in a moment.

Hubby has made a mistake, or more accurately, his parent’s great generosity has spoiled me.  We are on our way to Hong Kong for hubby’s grandmother’s 95th birthday – NINETY-FIVE!  That’s incredible!  Anyway, we the kids decided this was a big deal and agreed to be there to celebrate with her.  Completely unexpectedly, hubby’s parents told us that the trip was on them.  Being the stubborn person that I can be, and not feeling comfortable with hand outs, this made me feel….uncomfortable.  But hubby’s parents are truly generous people and in some strange way, I know his father likes being able to do nice things for his kids.  It isn’t about buying love, but rather it’s about sharing without any strings attached.  You have to know his parents to understand what I am trying to say.  His dad works very hard, but unlike most people that work hard and enjoy spending money on themselves, his dad gets pleasure out of being able to share with his family.

Hubby’s mother is this stylish woman. She is smart and always on the ball.  You quickly see how proud she is of her two boys.  She managed to find a ‘deal’ for us through a travel agent, which included flying business class on Cathy Pacific.  This is the “problem” I referred to earlier.  Six hours into the flight, and I am having a fine time.  We originally thought we were going to be flying in an older style business class layout, but as it turns out, it’s the new one, which means there are ‘pods’ where hubby and I can see each other and share a table.

Business class is really sweet.  The amount of space in your pod is ample and comfortable.  Drinks are served in real glassware and food is served in real dishes with real cutlery.  They even line your table with a table cloth before serving the food!  Our lunch consisted of shrimp, scallop and a garden salad as the starter, choice of main (I had the abalone and braised chicken), and for dessert there was a cheese platter AND a fruit platter.  I also had their speciality cocktail, which includes a baby rose floating the drink, and it’s made with a hint of rose water.  Speaking of flowers, in our shared pod, there is a tiny vase with flowers blooming – the type that are used to make leis.  The seats are uber comfortable, and they actually recline until you can lie flat, though I haven’t tried that yet.  I’m trying to stay awake so that I’ll be able to sleep tonight when we arrive in HK.  The console to my side has all the buttons to adjust the seat and everything else through a remote control.  The console also has an outlet to plug in your computer or whatever, and there’s a USB port, as well as a port labelled iPod.  The TV is quite large, and there are compartments to store your personal belongings, including a small compartment by your feel to stow your shoes.  The other great thing in business class is that I think they must always clean the bathroom.  It’s not bigger, but it’s always clean (I’ve gone 3 times now and each time, the toilet paper has the folded corner).  The floor is never gross and wet like in economy class, and it smells like citrus in there.  Oh, there has never been a lineup. Hubby just told me that the bathroom on his side is 2-3x larger.

Poor hubby.  I’d love to fly this way for all long-haul flights, but the cost is insane.  Still, for long hauls, this is so much more comfortable.  Anything under 10 hours, this would be excessive.  I mean, I survived our flight from Chile to Toronto which was 10 hours in economy.  Fine, this is a total, unnecessary luxury, but I  love it and will enjoy it while I get to experience it.  Even the blanket is comfy – it’s pretty much a duvet.  After I turn this laptop off, I’m going to set the seat to sleep position, just to see what it’s like.  I’m not the least bit tired since it’s really only around 8:30pm my time, and I had an espresso after lunch.

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