I can’t move

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I woke up this morning with every muscle in my body aching. I had already anticipated this. We were in a curling bonspiel yesterday. Our 5th place finish (out of 19) was a little bit heart breaking. We played well, but there was one game where we were short a player. He had to slip out to attend a wedding. Though I do think the remaining three of us could have, and should have won that game, we were not making our shots and we just couldn’t catch a break. Had we played the way we did in the other 3 games, we would have placed in the top 3. I am happy with the way our team works together. This is our first season playing together, and I am confident that we will go far. After watching the women play in the Scotties tournament over the course of the last week, I’d like to try out a different sweeping technique tonight at our regular league game, but I’m so sore. I just hope I can actually slide out of the hack. My upper body has actually loosened up over the course of the day, but my thighs are still iffy.

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