Terrible advice from Cosmo

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I like reading trashy magazines when I have long flights because it helps to pass the time. At the airport, before boarding to go to HK, I picked up the February issue of Cosmo. The magazine is full of awful, but really entertaining advice, such as this one: 3 Clues He’s Secretly Into You.

He makes the okay sign. This apparently means he’s unconsciously giving you his seal of approval while he’s talking to you.

His thumbs point up. He’s mentally giving you a good review. He’s demonstrate this by holding his beer glass with his thumb to the sky.

He flashes the I-love-you signal. He’s absolutely hooked if he drops this sign-language move.

So let’s get serious here. How many ladies out there have actually seen guys make these signs? I know for a fact that hubby loves me, but there was never a date or moment in our relationship leading up to marriage where he gave me any of these lame-o hand signals. This made me laugh though. I hope there aren’t any single females out there frantically hoping for that strange ok signal on their dates!

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