Visiting grandmother and a bike ride in Sha Tin

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The weather was beautiful today!  We went to Festival Walk mall before meeting up with hubby’s parents for lunch at Aberdeen Fishball and Noodles restaurant.  The fish balls are very good and I really liked the soup.  After lunch, we made the journey into Sha Tin to visit hubby’s grandmother.  In her little 400 sqft apartment, we crammed in the whole family, which was 15 of us.  It was loud but cozy and you could feel the happiness and excitement in the air.  Grandmother looked so happy, and she looks very good for 95.  She had the biggest smile on her face. This will likely be the most memorable moment of the trip for me. Following tradition, she served us some new year goodies.

After eating the snacks, some people had to leave and hubby and I followed uncle #7 to the bike rental place.  He had arranged to have road bikes ready for us.  We biked along the Sha Tin river, on a paved pathway.  The path was in excellent condition and the views were spectacular.  The only negative was the amount of people (riders and walkers) on the path.  But uncle said that this was nothing.  Apparently on the weekends, it’s chaotic.  The path to the dam at tip of the peninsula (end of the trail) is about 25km one-way.  As we started out late, we didn’t have enough time to ride that far.


Click here to see part of our bike route.

Dinner was at Lung Wah Hotel, where they are known for their pigeons.  I have tried this dish in Toronto, and I’ve never enjoyed it because it tastes like liver to me, but tonight, it wasn’t bad at all.  The skin was crispy and the meat tender and less gamy.  The most amusing part was the plastic gloves they hand out to you before they bring out the plate of birds.  The reason for the gloves is so that you don’t dirty your hands, since they don’t give you napkins (which is normal in HK).

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