2012 International Bicycle Show Toronto

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We just got back from the bike show. We were surrounded by a sea of bikes! They also had booths for bike adventures, as well as booths for places such as Bruce County and Grey County where we picked up some of their cycling route maps. We spoke with a rep from CTMA about their St. Lawrence bike/cruise package.

We arrived in the late morning, and decided to start in the marketplace since we were not sure how crowded it was going to get. Based on our experience at the fall bike show, we knew how quickly things can sell out. The spring show definitely had a lot more selection and manufacturers were present to display all their new stuff. We saw some of the Italian bikes – beautiful, but pricey.

We ended up buying some bike clothing, and Nelson bought a new helmet and saddle. I ended up leaving with a shiny new urban bike! It is a Marin Larkspur.

This is the image from the Marin website. It’s an incredible price point at $349, and it’s fun to ride. I feel girly with the ‘girl’ style tube. I also like the chain guard – hopefully my jeans won’t get caught in the chains. Unlike with my road bike, I don’t have to swing my leg back and around to get on. We got this bike so that I can ride to get groceries and run errands. I’m less comfortable locking up my road bike in the city. I can’t wait to take it out for a spin!

$11,000 Bianchi


$12,000 Colnago - Hubby liked this one


Funky Pinarello


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