Consumer awareness: National Home Services

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I just had guys in blue visit my door. They said they were from National Home Services, and that they were in our area to take a look at our existing hot water tank to see if it’s eligible for a free upgrade to an energy efficient tank. He said that if I’m eligible, they’ll book a time immediately to install the new tank. I’m always skeptical with door-t0-door sales people, especially when they want to come into my house. I told them I was not interested and this is when they decided to start making me feel very small. They said that my neighbour signed up and that a new EnergyStar rated tank would save me 25%. I was confused, trying to piece together how these guys were related to my current provider. They were persistent. They asked me why I wouldn’t want to save money when I told them we were happy with our current tank. Finally, I told them that I would need to speak to my husband before I could sign anything like this. I asked him if he could leave his information, but he said that he cannot leave anything without first knowing if we were eligible. He said it would only take a minute. I said no, so he asked me when hubby would be home.

Turns out, National Home Services is the water heater rental subsidiary of Just Energy Income Fund. This is an energy company trying to make it in the industry by increasing their customer base. A number of forums have people saying that from their mistake, if you sign up, you’re locked into a 15 year financing agreement. This is definitely worth the read: Door-to-Door Water Heater Sale.

I can see how seniors might be targeted. They may get confused and not understand (I initially was) what is actually happening. Though the guy did make me feel like I was insane for not wanting a “free” upgrade, I know there are much more aggressive sales people. When I told hubby what happened, he told me that I did the right thing and to never let them in, and he warned me about sales people asking to see existing bills (heat, water, etc). He told me to NEVER show a bill because they can copy down the account number and switch your account over to their company without you immediately knowing. Sneaky.

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