First ride of the season

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It’s not officially spring yet, but it’s a beautiful 19 degrees today. We hit the road with our road bikes – first time since last season. We completed an easy 35km and I felt that I was able to go up the hills with a lot more ease than usual. I guess the Kurt Kinetic did help out during the off season. Actually, hubby and I both agreed that it was easier riding on the road than on the trainer. The trainer is supposed to simulate being on the road, but I don’t mind that it’s harder. I’m still using my old wheels, but I have new ones for this season which is supposed to be lighter. I wanted to start off using the old to see if I can actually feel a difference when we switch them. Hubby is using his new wheels and he thinks it feels faster.

It’s definitely a lot more fun on the road bike (than on my Marin). I’m looking forward to more rides this year!

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