Thanks, but we already fertilize our lawn

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Dear dog owner who does not have the courtesy to pick up after your dog,

I haven’t figured out who you are yet, but have we done something to offend you? Why do you not pick up after you dog? We now have 3-4 piles of poop on our lawn, and this is absolutely unacceptable. As a dog owner, you should accept the┬áresponsibility of picking up your dog’s poop. We would greatly appreciate it if you would please have your dog┬ádefecate on your own lawn before walking him or her. If this is not possible, please be prepared to bag it up if he/she must go on someone else’s lawn. It’s simple, common courtesy.

Thank you

So now, I have to decide how to deal with this situation because I have a feeling this behaviour will not stop. My options are to put up a sign to remind the dog owner to clean up, put up a fence, or wake up early and do a stake out and confront the offending dog owner. I’ve taken a look at the poop on our lawn, and it appears to be from the same dog. Of course, it could be from 3 different dogs, but if I really wanted to know, I’d have to do the stake out several times, or set up some cameras. If one of our neighbours is targeting us, I honestly don’t understand why. I wish they would just speak to us.

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