Review: Charlie Palmer’s Dry Creek Kitchen

If you are ever in Sonoma Valley, you have to dine at Charlie Palmer’s Dry Creek Kitchen. We didn’t know anything about it, but were lucky enough to walk in and be able to make a reservation for later that evening, giving us enough time to get back to our hotel and freshen up after the fantastic bike ride. When I looked up the restaurant at the hotel, it got fairly good ratings, with the main complaint being service. I had no problems with the service. I would not consider it to be slow, and the wait staff were not inattentive. The food is incredible! Hubby and I agree that this is the only tasting menu we have had to date where every dish was flawless. The presentation was beautiful and the flavours exquisite. Portion size was perfect. In fact, we were quite full by the time desert was supposed to roll around so we opted for tea and coffee instead. No point in wasting such amazing food.

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