Review: Eduarda’s BBQ Chicken

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This is probably the best deal we’ve gotten in a long time, although I think the lady that served us rang up the wrong charge. We stopped in at Eduarda’s BBQ Chicken (1546 Dupont St.) yesterday after a long day for both of us. We both ordered the quarter chicken dinner, which is a large portion or rotisserie chicken, rice and potatoes, and the total charge with taxes in was only $8! The potatoes were a little bit salty and the chicken is simply rotisserie chicken (nothing mind blowing), but for $4 per person, it’s a really good deal. The place is sort of cafeteria style, but they sell some groceries as well. It looks like turnover could be decent as they had so many chickens being roasted behind the counter. We ordered take out because the place is not air conditioned and it felt stifling inside.

The neighbourhood is littered with churrasqueiras, which Larry from Focaccia was raving about (Portuguese¬†style chicken from a churrasqueiras). He said that we had to try it, so maybe next time we’ll stop in at a place with ‘Churrasqueiras’ in the name, but if it’s simply rotisserie style chicken, I’m not sure many places will be able to beat Eduarda’s prices.

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