Best Way to Introduce Yourself

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Whenever you introduce yourself, the person you meet is not the most important audience. You are the most important audience. So when introducing yourself, remember these important tips: See less as more Stay in context Embrace understatement Focus on the other person Click here to read the full article. Trust me, it's worthwhile.


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I've met a new group of people recently and one thing they seem to struggle with is finding their zen. I am sure part of the contributing factor to their hectic lives is having children, but at the same time they have voiced that it is greatly rewarding. A couple of them have started ...

Durham Savour the Season

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Savour the Season is Durham’s annual culinary festival showcasing our local harvest, taking place from September 12-23. Durham Region chefs are paired with local farmers and producers to transform fresh local fare into mouth-watering dishes offered at a fixed price. Enter to win the Durham Experience Weekend!