Steamed fish

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After hooking up the new router for my parents, we stopped at the Asian market and picked up some groceries. We decided on steamed fish for tonight. The striped bass looked lively, so we picked one from the tank ($8.99/lb), along with some other necessary ingredients to make Chinese steamed fish. Basically, hubby cuts off the tail and fins and I think he sometimes stuffs ginger in the belly. We steam the fish for about 15 minutes (depends on the size). When the fish is cooked, hubby lifts the plate out and places the plated fish in the kitchen sink and tops it with chopped green onions and sliced ginger. The scariest part of the procedure is heating oil and ginger in the cast iron pan. He waits for it to get very hot, but not quite smoking, and pours the hot oil on the fish. The finishing touch is to add “special” soy sauce. We had this with rice and Chinese noodle beans. It was delicious!

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