Family dinner at Richmond Station

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My sister and brother-in-law drove down for the weekend. My mother-in-law is visiting family so we took baba out for dinner. After telling hubby about my meal at Richmond Station on November 1, he thought this could be a good place for the 5 of us to check out. Based on my previous experience, I knew we could ask what cuts of meat they had that weren’t on the menu, so I asked our server and he kindly brought Chef Carl Heinrich to our table. We were feeling adventurous so we asked him to serve us whatever he wanted. After asking about food allergies and what we might definitely want to see on the dish, he went back into the kitchen to work his magic. It can be risky to do this, but because I had already had such an amazing meal here just 2 weeks early, I felt confident that tonight would be equally spectacular.

The service was once again professional, but personable. Dinner was going to be served family style. The boards that came out were like works of art and the flavours were intensely delicious. Ask any one of us which item was the best, and it would be hard to choose just one. But the dish that made our eyes pop was definitely the crown of duck. It was ridiculous! I asked hubby if he could try to make it at home, but the flavours were complex so he said he didn’t feel he could recreate this dish at home. We asked Chef Carl about it and he said the key is to break the bone and flatten the duck before you start to sear it. After searing it, you’d put it in the the oven for 10 minutes and after taking it out and taking off the meat, you’d sear it again and you have to let it rest for a long time. He makes it sound easy. The flavours that seeped into the shiitake mushrooms made me fall in love with shiitake (I’ve always only thought of it is an only ok mushroom). The bed of kale was made tasty with the duck fat. We were given more bread, to soak up the juices that were trying to run off the board. Hubby and his brother each took a wing. We cleaned up, which impressed even us. When they first put down the plate, I wasn’t sure the 5 of us could possibly finish the duck. Duck cooked so perfectly and so juicy and not fatty is so easy to devour. Then came dessert, or should I say, 4 desserts. At this point, I was certain there would be pieces left, but none of us had the heart to waste such good food. I really don’t know how we managed to do it, but we finished all of it.

Before the bill arrived, we decided to guess how much the bill would come to. Let’s just say that we were blown away. What incredible value! The meal came to under $400!!! We’ve decided that when mama gets home, we’ll have to come back because we think she’d love the food. My sister-in-law is already telling her friends about this place. I’m happy that word is getting out about this great new restaurant, but it will mean that I’ll have a much harder time getting reservations in the future.

Thank you Chef Carl and your entire team for such a memorable dinner!

Apologies for the blurry images. I should probably use flash or learn to take low light photos.

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