Restaurant review: Globe Bistro

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We have now dined at Earth twice. Both times, the food was very good. The first time, the service was horrendously slow. We went back a second time only because it was a special event that I was interested in – a winemaker’s dinner with Hidden Bench. No complaints about service that evening. Globe Bistro is also owned by the same person, but it’s on the other side of town. I believe it was the first of the 3 restaurants to open.

We went for dinner on December 13 using a Groupon. It was a decent deal at $69 for the tasting menu for 2. Service at this location was prompt. Our main server was professional. The younger servers were polite, but they seemed a little unnatural. I didn’t have a problem with it. It’s just an observation. They clearly had to memorize what they were serving, but it sounded memorized.

We enjoyed most of the dishes. The biggest miss was the fish dish. It could have been a great dish if it was seasoned. I almost think that they forgot to add any salt before it left the pass. The fish itself was cooked perfectly (not dried out). I may consider making a similar arugula salad as I enjoyed it with the red quinoa and the white asparagus. The poached pear with the ricotta was also nice. I also liked the risotto medley, which included barley. It gave the risotto a heartier texture. The shitake mushrooms were delightful! That’s a weird comment because who usually comments on mushrooms? Usually when I have shitakes, they are of the dried variety that you have to soak to soften. The ones we had that evening were more dainty.

For dessert, I opted for the cheese plate and hubby got the brownie or chocolate cake. The cheese platter was nothing to write home about. The chocolate brownie was nice, but it’s a sweet dessert so I can’t fairly comment on it. The texture of the brownie was good – crispy on the top and soft inside.

This menu was specific to Groupon holders, but based on the quality of the food, I’m sure their regular items are equally as good. The restaurant is on the Danforth, so it’s a good option if you don’t feel like having Greek food. Based on the service and quality, I’d recommend it.

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