It’s clear

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Hubby and I picked up our glasses today. My prescription changed a little, but hubby is using his original prescription with a new, and more stylish frame. Some of the funny comments we made to each other when we put on our new glasses:

Me, as we are walking out of the optical store: Whoa, I can see. It’s weird, my perception feels weird.
Hubby: Do you feel dizzy?
Me: I think I’m going to puke (jokingly).
Hubby: Just hang in there.

Me, as I look at hubby with my glasses on: I married you? So this is what you look like…

Hubby, getting fitted: This is weird.
Me: What is? Is the prescription wrong?
Hubby: It’s the same prescription, but it’s so different. There is no haze. It’s so clear, like I have glasses on.
Explanation: hubby’s old glasses are very scratched.

Hubby, as he looks at me with his glasses: (a look of amazement and wonderment) Wow! You’re beautiful!

Yep, just a bunch of jokesters.

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