Pancake day

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I was craving pancakes. It’s always hit or miss when you buy berries in the winter, but the blackberries and strawberries I picked up at Sobey’s were juicy and delicious!

I admit, the pancakes are not home made, but it was still a lovely breakfast.

And instead of coffee, I brewed a pot of Coffee Pu’erh. This is my first experience with Pu’erh.

Pu’erh is a variety of fermented dark tea produced in Yunnan province, China. According to the book I am reading, “the tea drinker’s handbook“, the official definition of Pu’erh is: “Tea produced from leaves harvested from the large-leafed Da Ye tea bushes growing in the Yunnan province, sun-dried and having undergone a process of fermentation, either natural or induced.” This particular blend purchased from David’s Tea is a cooked pu’reh laced with coffee beans (whole) chocolate, caramel, and almond flavour. When I poured a cup for hubby, he asked me if it was really tea because it was dark and rich like coffee.


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