Knitting project: bicycle wheels hat

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Clearly I am no longer having problems finishing knitting projects. On Sunday night, I started and completed a Bicycle Wheel Hat. Luckily, I had recently learned what short rows were because it was needed in this project. This project is basic and should be quick to complete. The pattern is cute and I like that it is not (supposed to be) plastered to your head, making your head look like a globe. I also liked the design of the ribbed band to be narrower at the back of the head for nicer fit.


  • One skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in colour 135, spice, 80% acrylic, 20% wool (170 g; 97 m)
  • Circular needle: No. 10.5 (6.5 mm). Note that in her pattern, she only says 10.5, not specifying if it is US 10.5 or 10.5 mm. I used what I had, which was US 10 / 16 inch
  • 4-5 dpn: No. 6 (4 mm)
  • Tapestry needle

Gauge: 11 sts 17 rows 5″ (my fault, I didn’t bother checking this on my work)

I found this pattern to be confusing at times. To start, the designer should have been extra clear about the needle size. For those that have gotten stuck on any part, let me share my interpretation.


Round 1: CO 44 sts, join round and place marker at start of round. Based on my outcome, I could have used an additional 10 sts.

Round 2 – 4: k2, p2 (ribs) in the round

Round 5: k2, p2 in the round until you are 7 sts from the marker. Wrap & turn (knit side). This is considered your first short row.

Round 6: (short row) p1, *k2, p2*. Repeat * until you are 9 sts from the marker. Wrap & turn (purl side)

Round 7 – 8: Repeat previous 2 rounds. Ensure you pick up the wrapped stitches.

Round 9: *k1, m1, k1, p2t. Repeat to end of round.

Round 10 – 15: k (6 rounds)

Round 16 – 18: p (3 rounds)

Round 19 – 45: Repeat above 2 rounds (k & p) 3 more times to create a total of 4 bicycle wheels (purl ridges)

Round 46 – 47: k (2 rounds)

Round 48: k3, k2t, *k4, k2t*, k3. Repeat * 6 times

Round 49: k

Round 50: k2t, *k3, k2t*, k5. Repeat * 6 times

Round 51: k

Round 52- 53: p (2 rounds)

Round 54: *p3, p2t*

Round 55: k

From here, it starting getting really tight for me.

Round 56: k, dividing stitches onto 3 dpn

Round 57: k2t

Round 58: k

Repeat rounds 57 & 58 until only 6 sts remaining. Finish off hat.

Make a 3 inch pompom and secure to top of your hat.

Weave in ends.

The finished product was cute, but seriously way too tight. It was almost cutting off circulation. The fix? I wet the hat (not the pompom) and stretched it over my head. I wore it like this for about half an hour and then I asked hubby if he’d wear it. I took my hair dryer and set it to cool and started ‘drying’ the hat. It now fits, but I would suggest starting with more stitches if your head is at least 20″ around, or using larger needles. I like that it’s long enough to cover my ears entirely, unlike the Bernat Alpaca design.

The suggested yarn is soft and easy to care for (machine washable and dryable).

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